K-Tank of Helium 217 cubic ft, 2,000 psi (sold locally only)

T-Tank of Helium 291 cubic ft, 2,500 psi (sold locally only)

Helium Purchasing Information

Helium purchase includes the helium in the tank, not the tank itself. Once a tank is empty you can either call for a new tank, or request to have the empty tank picked-up. Tanks kept will be put on a monthly rental. If you do not already have a regulator, we can sell you one. Regulators are universal and necessary in order to fill balloons and check how full your tank is. Once you have a tank, it will need to be secured to a wall to prevent it from falling over. Please note we have a 3 stair limit for deliveries. If you have more, special arrangements will need to be made.

Tank Usage/Balloon Capacity Chart

Cylinder Cubic Feet 9″ 11″ 17″ 36″ 72″
K 217 986 434 145 15 1.9
T 291 1322 582 194 21 2.5
Approx Cubic Feet per balloon .22 .50 1.50 14 115
Approx flying time 6-10 hrs 16-24 hrs 30-50 hrs 3-5 days
  • Numbers are approximate. Volume may vary due to over inflation or under inflation of balloons.
  • Factors that effect volume and flying time of balloons are temperature, altitude, direct sun and humidity.
  • The use of Hi-Float can increase flying time by about five times.

Helium Accessories

Tank-StandTank Stand – $79.95
regulator-gaugeRegulator / Gauge – $49.95
cylinder-wall-bracketCylinder Wall Bracket – $65.95